001About Us

New Managers Gary and Chrissy Clements have been involved in the Tourism and Hospitality industry for approx 12 years.

We wish to extend a very warm welcome to everyone coming to stay with us here at Collingwood Motor Camp.

Families are what camping is all about””says Chrissy and we want you to bring your families here and we have some exciting ideas for family fun we would like to talk to you about!

If its fishing for family, friends or Tackle that your after please speak to Gary.

We have a son Shannon, great daughter in law Cindy and 2 gorgeous grandsons Cody and Jesse whom we hope will be spending their school holidays with us.

Our Camp Family consists of Dodge our aged miniature fox terrier, Wowie who is a part breed Maine coon cat, and dont be surprised if you find Wowie playing in any puddles, this is an endearing quality in the breed they just love water!

Wally our cockatiel might greet you at reception if he isn’t outside basking in the sun, he will occasionally whistle “Pop goes the Weasel”

Both Chrissy and Gary consider themselves fun and down to earth and both love the lifestyle involved in the Camping sector. “Strangers are just friends we have not met”” is our favorite saying and we love looking after people!

Viewing of our camp is a must do and if you can stand the beautiful views over looking the bay you can reserve one of the beach front power sites and wake up most mornings to the Tui song, dazzling sun and glistening water.

Surf casters are available for hire if you feel like doing some fishing, and if you would like to have your catch smoked  Gary can do that for you.

Come and check out the changes happening throughout the camp! we have recently undergone some amazing changes, we have removed the dead wood around the camp, got rid of the pampas and some of the swamp flax’s as they tend to take over and have plans to plant some smaller natives that wont block the beautiful views along our seafront sites. We have cut away the tight corners that guests had trouble getting their caravans around and made everywhere more accessible. We kept the tree’s that are protected or were what made the camp cosy and sheltered and have let the sunlight and sea views in it looks amazing! “there just seems to be so much more room” says one local, “its amazing”.

We will be undergoing lots of revamps over the next 2 years and are looking forward to having “New facilities” Built in the near future , our plans for a bigger clothes line area plus a nice communal BBQ area with lots of seating for bigger groups getting together here have started with the removal of the large fence between the “Bach and the Managers Garage giving us a large blank canvas to work with. We are looking forward to working with a new design that uses lots of Natural products and Plants blends in with the surroundings.